150 Days

Day 2
October 30, 2009, 5:31 pm
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Leaving my laundry unattended today as I returned to work was not even a concern when I woke up this morning.

Getting out of bed, I am met by the wall which is 8 inches from the edge of my bed. Walking around the bed, the radiator gets in the way and removes most of the skin from my right toe. To get my sox I stand in a crouch position on the bed as the dresser, when opened, eliminates any available standing room for a human being over the age of 3. Finally, to select my daily apparel from the closet I step over my dog and stand directly in the closet. An excellent exercise in peripheral vision, I’m forced to find my clothes by touch and colour tone, as any clear view of what I’m looking at is removed by the extreme proximity between my eyes and the end of the clothes hangers.  

I return home to find three of my dress shirts clean and stiff on my bed. Today is laundry day in these parts. Something is off. My white dress shirt is a bit beige. My striped shirts look tiny. Trying them on, my fears are confirmed. These shirts will now be filed under “3 quarter length” casual wear, while the white dress shirt bares a similar resemblance to the beige blanket that appears to have been tie-dyed and is drying in the backyard. My wife is equally distressed by the site of her sweaters hanging and stretching in the fall breeze next to the blanket.  I offer my condolences and promise to raise the issue with whoever committed this atrocity.

At dinner there is no discussion about laundry.

Only 148 days left.


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