150 Days

Day 3
November 2, 2009, 2:12 pm
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I may have mentioned that I’ve moved an entire house full of stuff into my parents garage. It is basically floor to ceiling jammed with couches, tables, boxes and the occasional lawn maintenance tool. Although the move and sale of my home was quick, the thought of moving stuff into my parents garage had been months in the making. They had made room in preparation for the load of crap I was planning to unload on them.  So, it came as a surprise that after four days of moving stuff into the garage under their supervision that I received an unique request. I found a note in the kitchen signed by my father. He knew I had been planning to try and tidy up the last load of household goods I jammed into the garage and thought he’d make a quick request….I’ll paraphrase:

“It appears that we did not remove our golf shoes from the back of the garage prior to your moving in. Could you grab them when you are rearranging this weekend? I can see them underneath the christmas wreath behind the box spring, picture frames and mattresses on the back wall…you know, the items that are behind the 2400 lbs of couches, tables, boxes and occasional lawn maintenance tools.”

I’m sure they are equally as pissed about this as I am.

Only 147 days left.


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