150 Days

Day 5
November 3, 2009, 3:16 pm
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I just received a voicemail from my father. My folks are out-of-town for a few days and have left me a list of things to do/remember while they are gone (See Day 4). The message is urgent, it says “I’m just in the car and started thinking about the TV remote instructions I left you…”  My suspicions have  been validated. The TV remote must have some other function that goes beyond turning up/down volume and changing channels. My folks are worried about me uncovering such a secret and realize that I probably will, so they are calling to reveal their veil of mystery. “I may have provided you with the wrong instructions yesterday. I actually have programmed a sleep function into the remote and…” 

I’m totally off.

Apparently my folks are more confused and worried about the TV volume and usability than I could have ever guessed.  They are concerned enough to incur a long distance charge on their mobile phone during a vacation. The worst part about this is that there is not big secret. It’s just a huge ass remote that confuses the hell out of all who use it.

In the remaining 47 seconds that made up the message I think my dad used the word “sleep” twelve or thirteen times. The quality of the call was bad, but always seemed to correct itself prior to the word “sleep” being mentioned. As I have had no problems working the remote, I decide to let this message go unanswered, as any further discussion would probably further misinform me and cause some terrible misuse of my parents home entertainment system. Returning to my work, I wonder if this is a reflection on what the rest of my days here will be like.

Only 145 days left.


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