150 Days

Day 6
November 4, 2009, 9:44 pm
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The house has been quiet. We’re still enjoying the space while my parents are away. With the additional space, I’ve done some exploring. It’s been almost ten years since I lived here, and the room orientation and decorating have undergone an evolution of sorts. The professional decorator who made her way through most of this house about five years ago would be pissed to see that a collection of antiques, old furniture and odd photos have made their way back into public viewing.

One such curiosity is the presence of ancient wool fabrication equipment. I’ve counted five separate pieces of the human-powered wool pulling, stretching, collecting and wrapping equipment that would have been used before the dawn of electricity.  These were never here when I grew up. I also cannot remember a single visit home that I saw, heard or smelled a sheep or any of its wooly animal cousins. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any relatives in the last fifty years who have owned such a collection of animals. My childhood isn’t filled with sheep shearing memories at Grandpa’s farm, or I never had to wear an uncomfortable wool sweater that some kids were forced to sport during Josten’s picture day in elementary school. So why the hell does my family own a 1880’s wool factory assembly line?

I’ve come to the realization that I am the last generation to know what a loom actually is. I knew enough about it to recognize its place in the assembly line and even fix it when I knocked it over trying to tuck my guitar amp in beside it. My children and grand children will never know the miracles of ancient wool refinement…and I don’t really care. I couldn’t care less that this textile process will be forever lost and replaced with massive factories smeared by the scandals of child labour (although I do not condone child labour). So despite the charm these little rickety contraptions add to a living room, kitchen, hallway or even garage, I see no possible circumstance where I own one and help keep their memory alive. Oh well.

Only 144 days left.


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