150 Days

Day 8
November 6, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Tonight we ate dinner as a family. My family + my parents. This is not something we want to make a habit of, as I get home late from work and would rather eat alone than worry about what time my mom should put the roast in the oven. During dinner we were discussing the days events. My mother randomly decided to mention how the house down the road had recently been broken into and cleaned out. I’ve been trying to convince my wife that our temporary neighbourhood is about as safe as one could be, especially compared to the town we previously called home. The local gossip my Mom was announcing was not going over well.

My wife is the type of person who uses the home alarm system 24/7. Every night she sets it. Even when it’s on, it’s not uncommon for me to find myself roaming the hallways in the dark with my dog loyally by my side as we attempt a clean sweep of any criminal elements that may have entered the home (and bypassed the alarm). Explaining to her that the alarm will sound when someone enters the house is not usually enough. Also, explaining that it is a pet safe alarm, so that only a person under the weight of 25 lbs would be able to successfully navigate passed the motion detectors is never enough to keep me from checking the furnace room at 3 a.m. for some intruder looking to rob us of whatever it is you take from a furnace room.

You can imagine my dismay to hear my mother’s tale of the local B and E. My concern was only intensified by the fact that, upon returning today, I noticed my father’s continued attempts to be handy have left our front door absent of a door handle and lockset. The two holes bare from hardware had been stuffed with a rag to keep the draft out, while a footstool leaned against the door as a security precaution. From the look of my wife’s face as she listened to my Mother, the situation at the front door did not go unnoticed either. I begin to realize that the restful sleep I was hoping to endure this evening is quickly being replaced with a night watch patrol to secure the premises. Fearing for my own sanity, and with the most selfish of intentions, I offer to fix the front door lockset.  It turns out that my father was going to drill holes into the door as the new lockset appeared to by the wrong size. As I suspected, this was not the case and over the next hour we installed the lockset using the instructions provided. This process could have been a whole blog post, but the relief I feel in avoiding a night of paranoid patrol outweighs any frustration felt during the lock installation process.

Only 142 days left.


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