150 Days

Day 9
November 9, 2009, 8:28 pm
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My dog woke up today with one eye closed.  She doesn’t say much, so I couldn’t get her to tell me what was going on.  When my dog changes her daily routine it’s a big deal. At four years old, she has racked up enough vet bills to buy me two new cars and place a hefty down payment on a home. In the first 18 months of her life, we visited the vet 24 times. She’s had four surgeries and is a regular pill popper. When I walk in to the vet they don’t even talk to me. The whole place just stops and says “Lucy!” like we’re in some 80’s sitcom with Ted Danson. Here, I am just a credit card holder with legs and arms.

A pure-bread Chow Chow, the breeder convinced me that her blue colour was exotic and awesome. Which it is. However, blue fur means bad skin – which takes up 1/4 of her annual vet allowance (trust fund, whatever).  At 7 months, Lucy went to Puppy Kindergarten to break her independent spirit and put her in-line with the other dogs. Her spirit was unbreakable (no dog of mine can be broken on my watch) however her legs were not. She was walking around the little circle like an ancient beast. It turns out she had loose bones in her elbows…and that was the start of her vet issues. Now with her closed eye, she has an ulcer on her cornea. It’s a surface abrasion. I’m not sure what that would come from but it looks disgusting- but not disgusting enough that a couple hundred dollars can’t take care of it.  A couple of drops, no sunlight – and Lucy is on her way to recovery (hopefully).

My folks aren’t really dog owners, so it was a challenge trying to convince them that, although Lucy is not telling them her eye is as painful as hell, they will have to trust me when I say “please don’t walk her or let her look out the window’. Tonight, after returning home, Lucy greets me with a face covered in wet sloppy dog spit. They took her for a walk and “she met some friends”.  I try to reiterate the previous discussion about painful eyes, bleeding cornea ulcers  and blindness.

Only 141 days left.


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