150 Days

Day 11
November 10, 2009, 9:45 pm
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Before moving back to my parents house I barely watched television. Now that my private living space has shrunk down to two rooms has proven to be an adjustment. Television has made a resurgence into my life and it is being pushed into my eyes by the PVR that resides in the basement. I don’t even need to follow a programming schedule, I just watch whatever I can over a three-hour period after I get home. Since I’ve moved home I’ve killed three entire seasons worth of shows. I didn’t even know they existed until I moved in, now I’m leaving comments on fan pages wondering when they are returning to air (that’s a lie, I haven’t done that yet).

I think that television has been my chosen distraction as I get to choose what I watch and I don’t have to think. As most things in my life involve thinking, TV seems like an obvious break in the daily routine. I think my previous TV consumption took a drop once my wife discovered TLC. I would have hoped that at this stage in my life I would know far less about wedding dress purchasing, home makeovers, jean sizes that fit body types, families with multiples and various medical conditions that leave you deformed (accompanied by self-explanatory and demeaning titles like “Tree man: The man whose body looks like wood“).

As you can tell, it was a slow day on the “ridiculous stories about my family” front, so I’ve turned on myself. Actually, that’s not entirely true.  The other reason I prefer to watch television in the absence of my folks is not because they don’t enjoy the pastime. They actually enjoy it immensely and watch their shows from the moment I get home to the moment I go to sleep most days of the week. Two days ago we watched one of the HBO series’ that makeup the PVR library. My mother provided a running commentary of the program, while throwing the odd question into the mix just to have the room confirm what is actually going on. This looks like a regular exercise, one not done for my benefit, as I’ve noticed the same dialogue occurs during any show that is on the television. My father is a little less engaged, but will take the opportunity to answer my mother’s questions or perhaps debate the plot line or future plot line during the commercial break. Overall, the two provide a unique viewing experience that adds more depth to most television viewing than I customarily prefer.

I need to avoid the PVR. Nothing good can come from so much television consumption.


Only 139 days left.



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