150 Days

Day 12
November 12, 2009, 12:53 am
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Today was a big day. My parents invested in a new fridge. It’s huge – bigger than the remote control. You may recall that the last fridge was leaking water into my bathroom in the basement. An entire new fridge should remedy that problem, and by the look of the beast it may allow for me to store my own food in it, rather than in the fridge in the garage.

I know this fridge is the best in its class. This isn’t because I know anything about fridges. It is because my father only buys the best in class of any product. I can remember living at home  and seeing four of the same picture mounted on the old fridge. Above them was a note “Which picture looks the best?” Followed by check boxes for each photograph. My father had purchased a new printer. Actually he purchased four new printers – each had positive reviews from various consumer reports, so he purchased all of them to decide which would be best for his daily printing needs. I would advise any salesperson who has the fortune of assisting my father to avoid spending their commission checks within twelve months of any transaction he is involved in. A week after the four photos on the fridge, some poor sales guy had three printer sales removed from his commission check.

My folks purchased the fridge three days before it was delivered. Although the fridge was not yet in their possession, my father managed to score a copy of the manual. This provided ample opportunity to review the features of his new 55 cubic foot refrigerated unit. Occasionally he would mention one of its features to me while I passed by him in the living room. “What size do you like your ice cubes? I can preset the sizes.”

I look forward to the official opening of the new refrigerator. Maybe I’ll pick up a bow so that we can gather around, smash a bottle of Champaign off the side and cut a ribbon.

Only 138 days left.



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