150 Days

Day 13
November 15, 2009, 3:21 pm
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Doctor Oz told my mother to belly dance.

Not in the literal sense, but through the magic of television. His show is just one of the dozens my mom records to watch at her leisure. The good doctor, dressed in his surgical scrubs, entertains a studio full of middle-aged women every afternoon to tell them how to overcome whatever tragic situation these women have stumbled upon in their suburban, baby-boomer lives.

Looking up from the red pepper I was not-so-skillfully cutting, I saw my mother awkwardly thrusting about in the family room. “What the hell?” I delicately exclaim “Dr.Oz asked us to belly dance.”

I’m pretty sure Dr.Oz wasn’t talking to “us”. I think his invite went out to the 250 members of his studio audience. The fact that this was pre-recorded on my mother’s PVR only supported my view that the good doctor had no intention of asking my mother (or her family) to belly dance at 7:00 on a weekday evening. That wasn’t enough to deter her from attempting whatever life changing result this exercise would lead to. I couldn’t really hear the Dr.Oz’s promises from across the room, but I’m pretty sure the only impact this Doctor/Patient (TV viewer) relationship had created was an awkward silence and uncomfortable environment for me to eat dinner in.

Only 137 days left.


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