150 Days

Day 15/16
November 20, 2009, 2:30 am
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The last two days have been relatively uneventful. However, there is one observation which continues to suprise me on this journey…

It is weird how you notice things about your family once you’ve moved away for a while. Subtle behaviors that make no sense, but were probably totally unnoticed for the duration of your childhood.

In the last two weeks I’ve noticed that Sunday is the day that nobody eats. For whatever reason, my parents wake up and have coffee and a snack for breakfast. That is the last time either of them sets foot in the kitchen for the remainder of the day. My mom has even commented “If you didn’t make that yourself you wouldn’t be eating. We don’t eat here on Sundays as I just hate to make anything”.  I don’t even know what that means. If I didn’t make something I wouldn’t be eating – that just seems obvious. If I hadn’t made the sandwich then it would never have been made and, yes, I would not have one to eat. But what’s this nonsense about not eating on Sundays because of not feeling like ‘making anything’. I’m hoping that the same attitude does not prevail for personal sanitation, waking up and life in general. It would suck to have a starving set of parents who have over slept, stink and lack all motivation, just because they don’t feel like it on that particular day.  I guess these are the benefits of retirment. You can just say screw it  – although a necessity of life like eating wouldn’t be my first choice on things to give up.

Only 134 days left.


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