150 Days

Day 17
November 23, 2009, 11:34 pm
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It’s the Fall. In my parent’s neighbourhood that means that everyone is bagging leaves, mowing their lawn really short, and winterizing their yards/furniture/everything. My house is no different. Well…maybe a little.

My folks enjoy the sounds of chirping birds so they’ve strategically placed various bird houses and bird bathes throughout their wooded yard. The presence of various seed mixes, however, attracts members of the animal kingdom beyond birds. There are a host of squirrels who enjoy the buffet, much to the annoyane of my father. He’s not one to stand around and watch and has tried various tactics to remove these vermin from his yard. He’s replaced all the feeders with ‘squirrel proof’ feeders that close when squirrels jump on them. He’s greased up all the bird feeder poles with vaseline so that squirrels can’t climb up. He’s even set up a trap (not one that hurts the squirrels) to capture and release these animals. Yesterday, in a conversation about the little critters, I’ve come to learn that my father knows far more about these squirrels than I expected. Apparently, all his previous attempts to rid them from his property have been unsuccessful. In fact, if he traps a squirrel and drives to the end of the street to release it, it will return to eat. You’re thinking, how does he know it’s the same squirrel? Which is exactly what I thought until I saw something absolutely bananas. He tags them….with a small squirt of non-toxic, animal friendly dye. A small pink or yellow drop. I know…I too was amazed. It turns out they do return. Even though I enjoy the presence of animals, I probably would have given up and either let the squirrels have the seeds or stopped feeding the birds.  My father on the other hand is a man of purpose. He wouldn’t let these small monsters ruin it for all the birds.  So, once the animals are trapped and tagged he relocates them thirty to forty minutes away. I guess he’s slowly expanded the radius of his release locations to see how far these squirrels can be let loose and not returned. I’ll say “Heading to the lot for a bit.” and he’ll say “Take the squirrel with you.” Or I’ll call him on his cell and he’ll say “Just picking up some stuff at Wal-Mart and releasing that damn squirrel.”  I’m not convinced my father is winning this battle.

Only 133 days left.


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