150 Days

Day 19
December 1, 2009, 7:17 pm
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The reason I have the unique fortune of living in my parents home is that I am building a house. Well it’s been almost 20 days  living here and 6 weeks since I sold my home. As of today, there’s not a whole lot of  “building” going on at the lot that I’m apparently going to live at in 131 days.  It has been an unusually warm fall and there are tons of houses flying up all around the neighborhood that I hope to call home someday. I was in the area on the weekend and there were brick layers, framers, and other trades I didn’t even know existed, plowing through on a Saturday afternoon. Its good to see that these people will work weekends to get the job done on time.

Then there’s my house. Not yet a house, or anything more than a cleared parallelogram shaped parcel of land.  When you visit the site, there are literally dusty wind gusts and tumble weeds rolling by, as the houses that have jumped up around it created a microclimate isolated from the neighbourhood standard.

My wife calls our contractor daily. Everyday there is an excuse. Last weekend it was because ‘nobody works weekends’ – so I must have been dilusional when I witnessed a small village constructing the home next to mine.

We have previously built homes, but self-contracted. It has its nightmares, but once you get through one home you know what to expect. This is our first turn-key home. The idea was to be less stressed and allow someone else to manage the process. The problem is that after 4 weeks of silence we’re starting to wonder if in fact anything is being managed. I’m still confident our contractor will build us a house. I’m less confident that I will feel the ecstatic jubilation on day 151 of putting my feet up on my own coffee table in my own family room in a house that is only occupied by me, my wife and my dog.

In the meantime, my wife will continue to call and email our trusted contractor friend. I will continue to pray for sunny weather to eliminate any possibility that the little bastard can use it as an excuse. Here’s to hoping that they dig a whole before 2010.


Only 131 days left (or the increasing possiblity it is actually 291 days)


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