150 Days

Day 25
January 29, 2010, 1:35 pm
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You may remember that my father has a universal remote that has the computing power to launch a rocket into space.  The digital screen, the multitude of options – some would say its the cats meow (not me though, as I don’t say that phrase typically). Today, among his regular self talk descriptions of what he is doing, I overheard him describing the functions of the remote to himself. This seemed odd, as his monster remote has been a family staple for at least two years and he should have the functions down by now. So I thought I’d investigate.

It turns out that my father had been in the mall earlier today. There he saw an advertisement from the local cable company. On that advertisement was a remote – one that was made for the cable box, but looked different than the one that came with his cable box. Never to be bested by The Man, my father challenged the company on why his remote didn’t look the theirs. They didn’t know, and didn’t actually care. They just gave him a new remote.  Now that his home remote was in harmony with the advertising remote, the world was balanced. Peace spread across the land. Now he just had to program it.

Only 125 days left.


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