150 Days

Day 7
November 5, 2009, 9:09 pm
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Today my parents returned to their home. It happened while I was at work. I have been worried about the possible activity that could occur in my new personal space in my absence, and today my thoughts were justified.

About four years ago, I moved into my first home with my wife. In an attempt to add to the modern feel we were hoping to create in the house, we bought one of those novelty mini bamboo plants. It did well. The damn thing grew like a weed until it was three feet high and I needed to lean it against the wall so it wouldn’t fall over. Three homes later, it was still kicking it in the spare bedroom when I was packing the house to leave. This thing had earned its life, so I decided to drag to our new basement home. That’s when this bamboo plant had a life changing event.  A four-year old scraggly bamboo plant is not the pinnacle of flora beauty. This was immediately noticed by my mother. A woman of action, I should have not been surprised to find my four-year old bamboo plant cut into several smaller pieces and jammed into her own mini bamboo collection in the kitchen. This looks like it took some effort. My mother would have had to find my bamboo, take it upstairs, rip it out of the fashionable modern pot it called home and cut two feet of roots and three feet of foliage off it nimble structure. Finally, each piece would have had to have been wedged in between the new round glass vase that my mother’s bamboo sits in. Man, she moves quick. What else has she gone through?

It may be just a plant, but I can’t say I would be comfortable going into her room and grabbing the Christmas Cactus, uprooting it and re-potting it into several smaller installations around the house. I’m sure it would instigate a crisis of epic proportions.

I decided to keep quiet for now. I have been trying to figure out a way to clearly illustrate the necessity for boundaries, and I believe I may have been just handed the perfect segway.

Only 143 days left.

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This is halarious! Not only the boundry thing, but the whole wool thing? Have I got stories for you…

Comment by Kinger

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