150 Days

Day 21
January 5, 2010, 4:30 pm
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I’ve been a bit negligent updating this blog, but I have been keeping meticulous notes so that no tragedy, comedy, insanity or calamity goes unrecorded (that is the first time I’ve written the word calamity).

So…I’m still living at home. The last twenty days have provided me enough time to try to formalize a routine that resembles my old life. Overall, my efforts have yielded positive results except in one critical area – sleep. My place of rest is situated in the basement. I don’t have the proper tools to make this claim 100%, but based on my initial approximation the bed is situated directly underneath my parents’ kitchen table. This wasn’t a feature of my living space that was brought to my attention, nor was it something I even thought about when moving in. In many cases, this wouldn’t even be a problem as my sleeping hours usually take place in the evening, which is exactly the same time my parents choose to sleep (they are retired, so they have no reason to sleep then. I think it is now just a habit).  It turns out that my folks are notorious heel walkers. The pronounced placement of their heel bone on the hardwood floor above me sends sound waves straight through the foundation to the core of the earth. Before they reach the core, the sound waves fly out of the foundation and smash into my ear drums six feet below.

I’m not sure what a human being has to do to create such a sound while walking – my folks are not overweight or particularly tall, and they often wear slippers. This is usually a good sign that points to quiet walkers. However, when my mother arises from her slumber at 5am because she dreamed the oven was still on, my ears tell me that there is nothing quiet about the thunder from above.  Then right when I think the noise is over, someone pulls out a chair from the kitchen table. Although different in tone and volume, this is equally obtrusive to my rest.

Living with heel walkers has made me more aware of my own impact on the earth. When I wake up, I ensure that the heel has a disbursed impact on the floor surface as I am ever so paranoid of being the cause of heel walker insomnia. I hope that by sharing this story, I am comforting others who have been suffering.

Only 129 days left.


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