150 Days

Day 24
January 28, 2010, 1:44 pm
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When I was moving into my parents place, I noticed that I had two bottles of my ‘wedding wine’ – a red and white that had the wedding date on it. I never intended to consume this wine as it was a more of a keepsake then a casual alcoholic beverage. I had actually forgotten that I owned it until it found my way into my parents place during the moving process.

The phone at my office rang today around five. It was my wife.

“Steve, did you drink the wedding wine?”
“Well, there are two empty bottles sitting on your parents counter.”
“They didn’t drink our wedding wine did they Steve?”

I wanted to say that they didn’t. That nobody would go through the effort of going to the back of an old fridge in the basement to pry out two dusty bottles of homemade wine. That nobody would wonder if the two bottles of wine that had been kept long past its prime drinking date, and labelled with someone elses name and wedding date, were up for grabs for public consumption. But nobody usually doesn’t include my parents.

This act of theft was difficult for me to address. So difficult, I left it unaddressed. Perhaps this is a problem or a sign of weakness, but walking through the their reasoning that lead them to pop the cork off two bottles of wedding wine on a weekday afternoon would have been incomprehensible and probably left me in a state of verbal paralysis. I don’t enjoy falling into a catatonic state so I avoid situations like this. I’ve come to learn that you cannot reason with the unreasonable.

Only 126 days left.

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