150 Days

Day 20
December 2, 2009, 5:38 pm
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After my first few days home, I had to have that conversation with my mother about boundaries. If you recall, there were the laundry and the bamboo incidents, which were just a few of the highlights of that first week. For the most part, the notion of boundaries has been well received and the number of infractions against this new constitution have been limited. For example, after stating that the bedroom where my family calls home is now off-limits to my parents, they would leave things outside the door. I would find a piece of mail, or something that was to meant to start a conversation – like a single shoe which represented the subject of walking or dog walking or shoes. When I asked “Why is there a shoe in front of my bedroom door?” they would reply “We walked the dog today and didn’t want to forget to tell you?” or “Is that your shoe? We thought it might be.”

However, there is one thing that continues to infringe upon the boundaries of my space. Every once in a while I notice that someone has been in my room. My folks deny it or have some odd reason that excuses the breach of space. A week ago they had placed a DVD on a bookshelf. It was a compilation of family videos. useful and a great keepsake – but trespassing none the less. Most of the other items that mysteriously find their way onto this bookshelf are useful, old books, a few pennies, the odd piece of laundry. Then there’s the automatic pencil sharpener. The two-inch by three-inch brown, worn out,  pencil sharpener. I’m not sure why it has made it into my room. I’ve been able to make the link between each item left and its purpose except for the pencil sharpener. It isn’t like it’s huge and won’t fit in a normal drawer, or that it belonged to me years ago and now I’m back so it is back as well. I don’t even own a pencil. Perhaps I used pencils a lot when I was a child or my mom wants me to take up drawing. I could just ask, but that would lead to another arduous discussion around boundaries, which is really not worth it in this case. I’m sure I’ll need to save my energy for something of greater significance.
Only 130 days left.


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